Posh Fitness: Your #1 Choice for Corporate Wellness in Westchester New York & Greenwich CT

With our truly personal way of implementing fitness & nutrition , to employees  we’ll not only provide a great service but we’ll also help your bottom line since happy employees are healthier and more productive.

Online and In-Person Support: You Need It, We Provide It.

Our #1 priority is your employees.  We believe in our service and hold ourselves to the highest standards. We truly care about helping your employees become healthier through education, support and fitness & nutrition tracking technologies. This is what we can provide:

  • Biometric & Anthropometric Screenings: The ultimate goal of a this screening is to give employees a baseline which will help motivate them toward healthier behaviors and enable them to see their progress. We only conduct these screenings with people that are comfortable with it and do not demand this from anyone uncomfortable with measurements.  

  • We’ll work with whatever app your employees like or already use and implement tracking via shared tracking technologies by our use of the Trainerize app/software platform.  We can have employees import data from different apps including FitBit, Garmin, and MyFitnessPal! Now health coach and personal trainer, Peter Marino, can give feedback on data making our wellness program efficient, personal and effective.
  • Our educational seminars can be catered to the needs and desires of your business as we make every seminar personalized for your employees interests.

  • We offer corporate retreats in exotic locations all over the world if you’re interested in corporate team building that also heightens health awareness and fun fitness classes. All packages include 2-3 meals per day, free fitness classes and airfare making the job of booking easy and stress free!

  • Full or half days of in house consulting can be provided by our health coaches for selected days of the month. In which case any of your employees can have free access to health coach, Peter Marino, for nutrition & fitness consulting to further their personalized health goals.

  • Email and push notifications via Peter Marino Fitness app for Android and Trainerize app for iPhone makes it easy accessing Peter Marino for ongoing support. Now every employee can have their very own health coach and personal trainer! Something no other corporate wellness program is doing!

  • We can provide healthy food delivery via our network of healthy caterers and food delivery partners.

  • We can help with the design and equipment purchasing if you’re interested in starting a gym at your place of business. We can help with the building and furnishing of an in house gym. From the very small TRX based gyms to the large scale fully equipped gyms we can handle it.

How to Get Started with Corporate Wellness

To get started fill out the form below or call us at: (917) 783-0609. We have basic programs that start at only $299 a month* for all employees!
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Why doesn’t your company provide employees a fitness and wellness benefit? Your competitors do. 79% of large NYC companies offer an average of $50 per month in benefits and subsidies per employee.
3 reasons why you must provide this wellness benefit:

1) Value – every $1 invested in fitness and wellness programs returns $4.90 to the employer through improved productivity. This is both through better health of the employee (therefore less sick days and more efficient workers as well as employee appreciation for offering wellness services.

2) Competitiveness – 69% of employees think benefits, including fitness, are “very important” when choosing and sticking with a job.

3) Cost – to provide a benefit to everyone in your company would increase employee expenses by just 0.5% .

No more excuses get a personalized wellness program for every employee of your company, including you!