What is a Health Coach?

What is a health coachA health coach is an educator, a health promoter and an active partner in your life to help you unlock the potential you have to live a happier and healthier lifestyle.
Our health coaches are American Council on Exercise certified which is the only health coach program that is accredited by the NCCA. What's more, to become certified as an ACE Health Coach you must also have a degree in exercise science, nutrition or other health related field assuring you that your health coach is well equipped to help you achieve your long term health goals.

Why would you hire a health coach?

Have you ever noticed that when you start a new diet or fitness program you can often self-regulate or motivate yourself in the beginning but then you peter out. Many people use self declarative statements like "I will train everyday" or "I will eat well today" or "I will lose 50 pounds". Self declarative statements are OK and do help some individuals but overtime or whenever there is an "out" our motivation is gone and we give in to our emotions and bad behaviors. That's where a health coach can make a difference. A health coach enforces your goals by communicating with you on a frequent basis. But a health coach doesn't just check up on you they give you ideas and remedies for modifying your thoughts and behavior. Most importantly they believe in you! It's great to believe in yourself but even greater when you are surrounded by people that believe in you!
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Diet CounselingNo Diets, Nothing impractical, Just Applicable Know How!








We'll evaluate you then discuss with you your goals and the best techniques for attaining those goals within your lifestyle.


Fitness Programming

After your evaluation we'll develop a fitness program that fits your lifestyle and goals.


Diet & Health Coaching

After your evaluation and fitness programming we'll develop a nutrtiton plan and lifestyle modification program that is flexible and suited to your goals.