Diet Counseling

In Home Diet Counseling.

If you live in the areas of Greenwich Connecticut or Westhcester County area of New York we'll come to you for nutritional counseling.
First we'll evaluate your caloric needs, then we'll measure your body-fat percentage and/or take your anthropometric measurements to give us a baseline of your current status. Once we assess you physically we will discuss your goals and use the combined information to develop a nutritional plan of action. This is different than a diet plan but rather a guide to enable you to make your own informed decisions on how to eat in order to achiee your goals of weight loss and better health.


Diet CounselingNo Diets, Just Know How!





Fitness Programming

After your evaluation we'll develop an in home fitness program that fits your lifestyle and goals.


Diet Counseling

After your evaluation and fitness programming we'll develop a nutrtiton program that is flexible and suited to your lifestyle.