Personal Training

In Home Personal Training.

We come to your home or office in the in the Greenwich CT and Westchester County area of New York.
First we'll either measure your body-fat percentage and/or take your anthropometric measurements, the we'll evaluate your caloric needs. Once we assess you physically we will discuss your goals and use the combined information to make a personal fitness routine, and optionally, a nutritional plan of action. You'll have appointed times and a motivated trainer to keep you on track and vary your routine to prevent stagnancy. We have monthly and prepaid personal trainer package plans available. Both include online nutritional guidance and exercise/fitness tracking tools.

If you'd like to get started please fill out our mandatory PAR-Q and You form and send back to us via email. Thanks!

Types of Fitness Training

Since we have several personal trainers on board we provide many different types of fitness training.

  • Kettlebell Training

    The kettlebell is an iron weight (resembling a cannonball with a handle) used to perform ballistic exercises that combine cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training. more >>

  • TRX Training

    TRX training is a specific type of training that inorporates the TRX home fitness system. This will allow you to do many gym quality exercises while using your own body weight as the resistive force. It has the increased benefit of involving the bodies core more than a machine would at a gym, thereby making it a more functional excercise. more >>

  • High-intensity interval training (HIIT), also called sprint interval training, is an enhanced form of interval training, an exercise strategy alternating periods of short intense anaerobic exercise with less-intense recovery periods. more >>
  • Balance Training

    Is training meant to improve an individuals ability to withstand the challenges of destabilizing stimuli caused by self-imposed motion, the environment, or objects. This is essential for both athletes and older adults trying to stay balanced and fit in their senior years. Balance training is incorporated in most routines, but special attention is given to the aging population and athletes.

  • Bodybuilding/Body Shaping

    Is the art and science of changing the size and shape of a persons muscularture by coaxing the muscles to grow or change via weight training and dieting. It doesn't mean getting big muscles but rather reshaping your body for a more aesthetic appeal.

A Scientific & Fun Approach



We'll evaluate you then discuss with you your goals and the best techniques for attaining those goals within your lifestyle.


Fitness Programming

After your evaluation we'll develop a fitness program that fits your lifestyle and goals.


Diet & Health Coaching

After your evaluation and fitness programming we'll develop a nutrtiton plan and lifestyle modification program that is flexible and suited to your goals.

How to Find Us

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Mon-Fri 5:30am-7pm
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  • Phase 1

  • What to expect when you hire a personal trainer.

    First the trainer will evaluate your needs via questionairres and speaking directly with you. After that the trainer will physically evaluate you using anthropometric measurments, weight, BMI and/or bodyfat percentage. These measures are taken only as a baseline to track your progress and are always kept confidential. We may also ask to speak with your doctor depending on your current health status. A health coach is highly recommended in the beginning stage to set you up on the right path towards lifelong fitness.


  • Phase 2

  • What's next?

    Once we are clear on your health and fitness goals we come to your home, office or gym or you may come to our gym on a weekly basis. The exact amount of times you personally train with us will depend on your budget, exercise history and self motivation. Some clientele only utilize a personal trainer as a guide to make sure their exercise form is correct and to change their fitness routine up once a week. Other people train with our personal trainers 3-5 days per week and hire different personal fitness trainers for different exercise methodologies i.e. yoga one day, pilates another day and kettlebell/strength training two other days days. This mixing of exercise methodologies is not only good for the body and results but it's also good for the mind to prevent stagnancy.