Personal Training

personal fitness trainer

Hire an in home personal trainers or have a trainer come to your home, office or gym in Greenwich Connecticut.*

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Health Coaching

Diet CounselingHave a health coach come to your home or visit us and we'll help you come up with a nutrition and health plan that's right for you. We don't beleive in diets but rather teaching you the correct way to eat for maximum health and fitness. Whetther it's weight loss or nutritional supplementation we can help you.
Some nutritional topics we can teach you about:

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“Peter helped me get back to my pre-baby self very quickly with tailored workouts and lots of motivation. Now I can run 4-5 miles without difficulty again and, more importantly, I have clothes that fit! I highly recommend his services to anyone looking to get back into shape.”

Sarah WelchSarah Welch,
New York

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