What makes our personal fitness trainers different?

What is a health coachOur fitness trainers are not fly by night trainers. They have dedicated their life and their career to being fitness specialists and health educators. Most have spent years training in the specialty they have chosen so they can teach and educate you, the public, to be the healthiest person you can be.
Additionally, our personal trainers travel to you making health and fitness convenient fun and truly personal. Whether you have no equipment or a full gym in your home we can train you just the same. As seasoned and skilled fitness professionals we come with our own tools when necessary to get the job done efficiently, effectively and with a smile! We're here to improve your life and will do everything we can to make it happen.

Not sure if you can get good workout at home? Check out the video below. Although filmed in a gym these exercises can be performed at home with a TRX system and kettlebells which we bring with us!




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Diet CounselingNo Diets, Nothing impractical, Just Applicable Know How!








We'll evaluate you then discuss with you your goals and the best techniques for attaining those goals within your lifestyle.


Fitness Programming

After your evaluation we'll develop a fitness program that fits your lifestyle and goals.


Diet & Health Coaching

After your evaluation and fitness programming we'll develop a nutrtiton plan and lifestyle modification program that is flexible and suited to your goals.