Where do our in home personal trainers and health coaches travel to?

What is a health coachOur in home personal trainers and health coaches come from many different areas within Westchester County and Fairfield Connecticut so our travel parameters are different for each one of us. However, most of us do travel as far as most parts of Westchester County NY and Fairfield County CT fo in home training and coaching. We encourage you to contact us below to tell us what services you desire and where you live so we can answer you as quickly as possible.




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Diet CounselingNo Diets, Nothing impractical, Just Applicable Know How!








We'll evaluate you then discuss with you your goals and the best techniques for attaining those goals within your lifestyle.


Fitness Programming

After your evaluation we'll develop a fitness program that fits your lifestyle and goals.


Diet & Health Coaching

After your evaluation and fitness programming we'll develop a nutrtiton plan and lifestyle modification program that is flexible and suited to your goals.